Friday, February 11, 2011

Quick update

Wow, i thought the bruins canadiens game was tough with 187 PIM... try 346 PIM tonight in a 9 - 3 Islanders win over the penguins. Seemed like the penguins had 2 players on the bench in the 3rd.

Close game between ducks and flames today, cam fowler was the difference in OT. Man i love that kid. Flames move up to 8th and ducks tied for 4th with san jose (who lost tonight). Ducks now 2 points between the pacific leader Dallas stars. When 1 loss can move you down 4 spots you know the conference is close.

Not too much info, but just a quick update.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Update 2/10/11

Ducks acquire former defenseman Beauchemin from toronto in exchange for lupul and one of duck's top prospects gardiner.

Nashville acquires mike fisher from the senators for a 2011 first round draft pick

Canadiens best the bruins the last night in a 8-6 victory. The game was full of fights (even between goalies price and thomas) and both teams combined for 187 penalty minutes (wow). I'm sure even the fans were feeling sore after this game.

Also last night ducks beat 1st place vancouver in the return of ryan getzlaf, breaking vancouver's win streak.

Crosby, who has been sidelined indefinitely due to a concussion, says he is confident he will play again this season.

The trade deadline this year is Feb 28, expect a lot of moves to be made in the coming weeks!

Monday, February 7, 2011

2/7/11 Update

Ray Emery has signed a one year 500k nhl, 150k ahl contract with anaheim. Emery hasn't played in a long time because of his injury. If he is not claimed by waivers, he will go down to the syracuse crunch for conditioning.

Savard is out the rest of the season due to post concussion symptoms.

Ducks captain ryan getzlaf is all set to play again after missing a month due to nasal fractures.

Colorado Vet Peter Forsberg is also set to return after not playing in 4 seasons, only sorting out a visa remains.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hockey Rant 1

Why hockey is the greatest sport in my opinion?

-Overtimes that are sudden death, something unique to hockey and not other sports. Sudden death makes EVERY bounce of the puck, check of the body, point shot, pass, and save INTENSE.
-Hockey games are the FULL 60 minutes. None of that having the clock run while everyone stands around, by comparison NBA games are only 20% of actual playing!
-Fights add A LOT of intensity to the game and also keeps the game in check to prevent playing dirty, cause if you dish out a dirty hit get ready to get hit yourself. Unlike basketball where slapping a wrist , or even breathing on another person seems to be a major penalty, the refs in hockey let them duke it out adding more energy to the game and getting the fans more involved with the game. Hockey is the toughest sport.
-The rules and gameplay are much easier to understand than most other sports and games are always at a fast pace, never a dull moment you don't stop playing after a player get hit
-So much more to cheer for! Goals, hits, saves, fights, sick plays, dekes, great passes, trash talk, etc
-Playoffs are the most intense of any other sport. Especially game 7's, after a game 7 game, you are mentally, emotionally, and physically thrashed.
-For being such a physical and aggressive game, the sportsmanship is almost unmatched by any other sport. At the end of every single playoff series, all the players line up and give a good job, congrats, or good luck to each other and then fans of both sides cheer and applaud for both teams.
-And of course the stanley cup, the most iconic trophy of any sport.

First post! Current status

The 2010/2011 nhl season is now a little over half over and playoff spots remain highly competitive. In the west Vancouver is seating comfortably in first place with 77 points and a 34-10-9 record, while in the east Philadelphia is in first with 75 points and a 35-13-5 record. The playoff race is incredibly close in the west, with many teams within a few points of 8th and few points seperating top and lower teams. Interestingly, all 4 teams of the pacific division (Ducks, Sharks, Kings, and Coyotes) are currently in top 8, as all 4 teams of a division making the playoffs is rare. In the east the islanders are now without their main goaltender Dipietro after their game against the penguins. They may be looking to acquire Ray Emery to fill in his spot until Dipietro is healthy in 4-6 weeks. Also the devils (who had a terrible start with the loss of Zach Parise due to injury) have of late picked up their game, however remain well out of playoff position. Yesterday Anaheim ducks player Perry got his second career hat trick (2nd of the season), and has stepped up his game in absence of their captain Getzlaf.

That's all for today! 


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