Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hockey Rant 1

Why hockey is the greatest sport in my opinion?

-Overtimes that are sudden death, something unique to hockey and not other sports. Sudden death makes EVERY bounce of the puck, check of the body, point shot, pass, and save INTENSE.
-Hockey games are the FULL 60 minutes. None of that having the clock run while everyone stands around, by comparison NBA games are only 20% of actual playing!
-Fights add A LOT of intensity to the game and also keeps the game in check to prevent playing dirty, cause if you dish out a dirty hit get ready to get hit yourself. Unlike basketball where slapping a wrist , or even breathing on another person seems to be a major penalty, the refs in hockey let them duke it out adding more energy to the game and getting the fans more involved with the game. Hockey is the toughest sport.
-The rules and gameplay are much easier to understand than most other sports and games are always at a fast pace, never a dull moment you don't stop playing after a player get hit
-So much more to cheer for! Goals, hits, saves, fights, sick plays, dekes, great passes, trash talk, etc
-Playoffs are the most intense of any other sport. Especially game 7's, after a game 7 game, you are mentally, emotionally, and physically thrashed.
-For being such a physical and aggressive game, the sportsmanship is almost unmatched by any other sport. At the end of every single playoff series, all the players line up and give a good job, congrats, or good luck to each other and then fans of both sides cheer and applaud for both teams.
-And of course the stanley cup, the most iconic trophy of any sport.

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